We Buy Gold: Do you have unwanted jewelry that you no longer wear? At KB Jewelers we offer quick and convenient cash for your old, damaged, or broken jewelry. We accept everything, including tangled, un-wearable chains, engagement rings, wedding rings, old class rings, bracelets, mis-matched earrings, and more.We

Buy Diamonds: We know that selling your diamond is personal and emotional. We also know that selling that unwanted diamond for a pile of cash is a great way to move forward with your life. Determining the unique characteristics of your diamond is an important part of the diamond selling process. We take our time to assess all aspects of the diamond to give you the most value for your diamond. We do recommend that you bring any diamond grading certifications you have to help identify and possibly increase the value of your diamond. We buy all diamonds, regardless of shape or sizes!

Redesign: Another option you have at KB Jewelers with your unwanted jewelry is redesigning it! We can melt your gold down and redesign it to whatever you would like! We can also implement any unwanted diamonds or gemstones into the design as well! Either we draw a design up from scratch or if you have already seen a design you like, we can work with a picture! We’ve also had a lot of customers redesign their jewelry to pass down as sentimental gifts.

Trade: If you didn’t know, most of our pieces are either handmade or designed by us here at KB Jewelers. If you have any broken or unwanted jewelry, you can trade towards any of our items in the showcases or you can trade towards other services as well!