We offer factory style maintenance at more affordable prices and in the fraction of the time.

Battery and Watch Bands

Watch Battery Repair

When we replace your battery, we know that it needs just as much care as other more specialized repairs. At KB Jewelers we have everything you need to get the job done right. Changing the battery in a watch is a lot more complicated than replacing the AA’s in your TV remote. It takes a trained professional to do it right.

Changing a watch battery includes swapping in the correct type of battery, inspecting the parts around the battery that may have been damaged or worn down, cleaning the area around the battery, replacing the watch back properly while also ensuring any water resistance is maintained, and much more. When you have a watch you care about, don’t trust the job to just anyone. Let the experts give your watch the right treatment.

Watch Band
Whether your watch band is wearing out or you simply want a change of style, here at KB Jewelers we have all different styles and tones of watch bands to pick from. All watch bands are put on while you wait!

Watch Sizing
If you need your watch sized and need links taken out or put back in your watch, we do it right away while you wait at kb jewelers!

Also if you already own a watch, and you happen to have scratched one of the links, we can exchange it with one of the old links. As long you still have the old links and as long as the scratched link is removable.

Watch Engraving
If you are looking to personalize your watch and make it unique, a classy way of doing it is to get it engraved. You can engrave a special name or message of your choice! We do all of our engraving on the premises with a quick turnaround time!

Crystal Replacement
The watch crystal is the front part of your watch, usually made of glass or plastic, which covers up the dial. This   is often the part takes a lot of abuse. They can scratch, crack or break just from dropping it on the ground. Thankfully, most watch crystals are easy to replace.

What To Do?

If you’re finding your watch crystal is constantly getting scratched or cracked, a good option would be to upgrade to a sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystals are significantly stronger than mineral glass crystals, and are virtually scratch resistant.

Custom Made Crystals For Oddly Shaped Watches

Most crystals are readily available for replacement when damage occurs, but in the case that the crystals we have available don’t fit your particular watch, we can make a custom one just for you.

Complete Overhaul / Cleaning

So what exactly is an overhaul?

Overhauls are several services combined into one, provided for watches that need it in order to get into good mechanical condition for daily use and wear.

What we do:

– Complete case dismantling (bezel,crystal,pushers)

– Dismantling of components

– Assembly and lubrication of the movement components

– Clean the movements manually, mechanically, and ultrasonically

– Replacement of all gaskets

– We re-seal, dust-proof and pressure test the watch as needed, depending on the make and features of the watch.

– Regulation of the function

– Hour and date setting

– Final check of the movement and all functions in several positions

Dial refinishing

If you have a watch, be it vintage or modern, that you would like to see looking like new again, then a complete professional restoration might be just the thing. We can restore and repair your watch dial and have it looking as close to new as possible!

Stem and Crown Replacement
The watch crown is pulled out to set the time on your watch and if the watch has a date or day/date function it is also used to set it as well. The stem is the connection between the crown and the watch movement.

If your crown or crown and stem become detached from your watch, do not try to reattach it yourself. Trying to push the crown and stem back in the watch can cause damage to the movement. At KB Jewelers we fix or replace all broken stems or crowns. Come in anytime for a free estimate!

Clean and Polish Band
Ever wanted to get the shine back on your watch and have it looking new again? No matter how long you’ve owned your watch and how careful you are with it, sooner or later it’s going to lose some of its shine. Sometimes you’ll start to see little scratches or dents, or you might just notice an overall loss of luster. It can happen so gradually that you might not even notice. Here at KB Jewelers we personally handle and polish your watch, removing all scratches and dents while giving it it’s shine or refinish back again. Once you get it back from us, you’ll remember what it’s like to have that new watch again!