Custom Design: If you are looking for jewelry that is completely unique to your style, KB Jewelers can design a custom piece just for you. Whether its remounting the stone to create a more updated look, merging one piece with another, or creating a custom piece of jewelry from scratch, KB Jeweler has the tool and expertise to make your dream design a reality. With over 50 years of collective experience you can be assured that your special project will be in good hands. One of our favorite parts of the job comes when we have the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to make a piece that is perfectly suited to them!

Step 1: First we start with going over your ideas, pictures and sketches that you bring in.
Step 2: See your jewelry come to life in hand-drawn sketches or professional photo realistic renderings, detailed down to every stone, curve and color. We adjust the design until you see exactly what you want.
Step 3: Theres nothing like actually holding , touching and trying on your design, so we create a model to help you make a final decision and to let us get the fit just right.
Step 4: Finally we bring your design to life. We set the stones carefully and hand-finish the design to bring out every detail and the design you dreamed of is now yours!